A biography of alexander hamilton a founding father of the united states

See Article History Alternative Titles: James Madison, in full James Madison, Jr. At the Constitutional Conventionhe influenced the planning and ratification of the U. Constitution and collaborated with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay in the publication of the Federalist papers.

A biography of alexander hamilton a founding father of the united states

See Article History Alternative Title: He was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr. Croix in the Danish West Indies.

A biography of alexander hamilton a founding father of the united states

Rachel probably began living with James Hamilton inbut Lavine did not divorce her until In James Hamilton abandoned his family. DestituteRachel set up a small shop, and at the age of 11 Alexander went to work, becoming a clerk in the countinghouse of two New York merchants who had recently established themselves at St.

Intensely ambitious, he became a serious and successful student, but his studies were interrupted by the brewing revolt against Great Britain.

He publicly defended the Boston Tea Partyin which Boston colonists destroyed several tea cargoes in defiance of the tea tax. In —75 he wrote three influential pamphlets, which upheld the agreements of the Continental Congress on the nonimportation, nonconsumption, and nonexportation of British products and attacked British policy in Quebec.

American Revolution In Marchthrough the influence of friends in the New York legislature, Hamilton was commissioned a captain in the provincial artillery. In February Washington invited him to become an aide-de-camp with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He was sent on important military missions and, thanks to his fluent command of French, became liaison officer between Washington and the French generals and admirals.

Eager to connect himself with wealth and influence, Hamilton married Elizabeth, the daughter of Gen. Meantime, having tired of the routine duties at headquarters and yearning for glory, he pressed Washington for an active command in the field.

Washington refused, and in early Hamilton seized upon a trivial quarrel to break with the general and leave his staff. Early political activities In letters to a member of Congress and to Robert Morristhe superintendent of finance, Hamilton analyzed the financial and political weaknesses of the government.

In Novemberwith the war virtually over, he moved to Albanywhere he studied law and was admitted to practice in July A few months later the New York legislature elected him to the Continental Congress. Alexander Hamilton, colour mezzotint.

He defended unpopular loyalists who had remained faithful to the British during the Revolution in suits brought against them under a state law called the Trespass Act.

Partly as a result of his efforts, state acts disbarring loyalist lawyers and disfranchising loyalist voters were repealed. In that year he also won election to the lower house of the New York legislature, taking his seat in January Meanwhile, the legislature had appointed him a delegate to the convention in AnnapolisMarylandthat met in September to consider the commercial plight of the Union.

Hamilton suggested that the convention exceed its delegated powers and call for another meeting of representatives from all the states to discuss various problems confronting the nation. He drew up the draft of the address to the states from which emerged the Constitutional Convention that met in Philadelphia in May After persuading New York to send a delegation, Hamilton obtained a place for himself on the delegation.


Hamilton went to Philadelphia as an uncompromising nationalist who wished to replace the Articles of Confederation with a strong centralized government, but he did not take much part in the debates. He served on two important committees, one on rules in the beginning of the convention and the other on style at the end of the convention.

In a long speech on June 18, he presented his own idea of what the national government should be. Under his plan, the national government would have had unlimited power over the states.James Madison: James Madison, fourth president of the United States (–17) and one of the Founding Fathers of his country.

Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of An American Founding Father is a rigorously-researched, factual biography. You will discover it rich with primary sources (all of which can be looked up here) and drawing on the best scholarship from generations of historians. Alexander Hamilton is considered by most historians to be a Founding Father of the United States of America.

He was the country's first Secretary of the Treasury, and can still be seen as the face on the nation’s ten dollar bill.


The Broadway musical Hamilton, like Alexander Hamilton himself, is an improbable success story. The critically-acclaimed show has renewed America’s interest in the country's most enigmatic.

Alexander Hamilton (January 11, or – July 12, ) was an American statesman and one of the Founding Fathers of the United pfmlures.com was an influential interpreter and promoter of the U.S.

Constitution, as well as the founder of the nation's financial system, the Federalist Party, the United States Coast Guard, and the New . Biography. Alexander Hamilton was an American statesman and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was an influential interpreter and promoter of the U.S.

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