Abortion is an evil

Its consequences are poverty, famine, disease and deathsometimes on very large scales. Minor problems include overcrowding, strained infrastructure and social instability. Making birth control accessible to all is a moral requirement for anyone who has the power to help.

Abortion is an evil

Today abortion kills one baby every twenty seconds. That means by the time you finish reading this article, more than thirty innocent lives will be lost. You cannot remain indifferent or idle before such an immense human slaughter.


Encourage your friends to distribute them. Abortion Offends God Abortion is never a mere personal choice but a grave offense against God and His creation. The anti-abortion struggle has always been a religious battle and foremost in its ranks have been Catholics across the country.

This is because Church teaching on abortion is clear and unequivocal: There are no exceptions allowed, no compromises possible.

10 Reasons Why Abortion Is Evil January 5, | The American TFP 1 Since the legalization of abortion in , over 45 million unborn children have been killed, more than the entire population of . Learn about Jewish law regarding sexual relations, contraception, abortion, and the separation of a menstruating woman. You must know abortion is a grave evil. I have had to work up close to abortion in the industry, using my medical gifts to minimize the harm to women resulting from abortion. Imagine touching dead babies for weeks on end.

The Unnoticed War The continuing war on terror has lead to a renewed national consciousness of the high price of war, and, for many, a heightened desire for peace. Yet, despite all this concern, the most horrible war of all has gone all but unnoticed.

This is a war going on within our own borders, and it has claimed 45 million American lives in the last 37 years. This scourge is as horrible as anything terrorists can fathom, because it strikes at the very core of humanity and our country: By destroying the most basic human bond of all—that between mother and child—abortion dissolves the precious glue that binds our nation together.

While mother and child are the first victims, there is not a single element of society that is not affected by abortion.

Our Deadliest War

Peace abroad is meaningless without peace at home. Life Starts at the Moment of Conception This is the definition given in any respectable medical textbook. Only machines such as clocks and cars come into existence part by part.

Living beings come into existence all at once and gradually unfold their world of innate potential. A living human begins to exist at the moment of conception, even though only as a cell.

Abortion is an evil

What is important is not the accident of size or weight but the essence — which is fully human. The unborn baby has a distinct, unchanging and unrepeatable genetic code, unique in all of history, from the moment of conception till death. Nothing is added except nutrition and oxygen.

Abortion in Canada is legal at all stages of pregnancy, and is governed by the Canada Health Act. While some non-legal obstacles exist, Canada is one of only a few nations with no legal restrictions on abortion. Regulations and accessibility vary between provinces.. Prior to , all abortion was illegal in Canada. In the case of abortion protesters having abortions, it seems like they tend to believe their abortion is a regrettable necessity, whereas the other women in . Jon O'Brien is the head of Catholics for Choice, a pro-choice Catholic nonprofit. Growing up in the Republic of Ireland, I knew that abortion in .

This begins with self-preservation, and extends to all humanity through domestic bonds and realization of a like nature. It forsakes natural law, and has left America as a country unable to repopulate without the aid of immigration.

Abortion Is an Unsafe Procedure Compared with other medical procedures, the abortion industry is largely unregulated.

Abolish Human Abortion

Although there are no exact statistics for the number of women who die from botched procedures, LifeDynamics. Thirteen out of fifteen studies conducted on American women report increased risk.Nov 28,  · Republican Roy Moore has said that homosexual conduct should be illegal, that Islam is a "false religion," and much more.

Abortion law permits, prohibits, restricts, or otherwise regulates the availability of pfmlures.comon has been a controversial subject in many societies through history on religious, moral, ethical, practical, and political grounds. It has been banned frequently and otherwise limited by law.

However, abortions continue to be common in many areas, .

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After Alice Paul, the author of the original Equal Rights Amendment told FFL cofounder Pat Goltz that the early American feminists were pro-life, FFL historians were the first to research and reveal the truth to the feminist and pro-life movements: Without known exception, our feminist foremothers opposed abortion and (like Susan B.

Anthony) . BRINGING THE GOSPEL INTO CONFLICT WITH THE EVIL OF OUR AGE. Following in the footsteps of former abolitionist movements, we aim to end one of the greatest human miseries and moral evils ever to be entrenched in our world.

Abortion is the Gravest Sin Child Sacrfice to Moloch DEMONIC ABORTION AUDIO BOOK: A Sobering Commentary on the Satanic Nature of the Modern Abortion Industry, By Rev. Thomas J.

Abortion is an evil

Euteneuer. In the case of abortion protesters having abortions, it seems like they tend to believe their abortion is a regrettable necessity, whereas the other women in .

10 Reasons Why Abortion Is Evil - The American TFP