An analysis of the movie the elephant man

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access The Elephant Man: A Critical Analysis Essay Sample From the creative point of view of an audience, indeed Bernard Pomerance has succeeded in bringing out the true beauty of the imagery in the book The Elephant Man Pomerance, In the first place, there is the strong sense of anticipation as Pomerance does not allow his audience to glimpse Merrick sans mask until his appearance has been built up substantially.

An analysis of the movie the elephant man

Australopithecus africanus -- The word "Australopithecus" means "southern ape. Raymond Dart, professor of anatomy at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, was the first to study these fossils.

In at Taung in South Africa, Dart discovered a fossil skull consisting of a full face, teeth and jaws, and an endocranial cast of the brain. The brain size was cc.

An analysis of the movie the elephant man

Its age is currently felt to be around two to three million years old. Dart was convinced that some teeth were man-like and thus concluded a transition between apes and man. His opinions on the matter of this particular skull were largely scorned by the scientists of this time who considered it nothing more than a young chimpanzee now considered to be about three years of age.

Although Dart gave up fossil hunting for some time, all was not lost. Years after the discovery of the "Taungs child", as it is known today, Dart and Broom found other Australopithecines at Kromdraii, Swartkrans and Makapansgat. These finds of similar creatures seemed to vindicate Dart and Broom, and the scientific community again accepted their finds as they do today.

These new fossil Australopithecines seemed to show two parallel lines of development, one being a small "gracile" slender type and the other a larger "robust" type.

Much controversy has existed regarding these types and some investigators, including Richard Leakey, have concluded that they represent merely the male and female of the same species while others say the gracile form, which is believed to be older, evolved into the robust form.

Today these animals are known as Australopithecus africanus and Australopithecus robustus respectively. The latter is clearly heavier, has more massive jaws, and a pronounced sagital crest. All these traits are typical of sexual dimorphism in male apes.

What is also felt to be a more human trait is that foramen magnum the opening in the skull above the attachment of the spinal column in Australopithecines seems to be placed in an intermediate forward position between that of modern apes and man.

An analysis of the movie the elephant man

Although not as far forward as in man, this more forward position is felt to indicate a more upright posture for the Australopithecines.

The australopithecines have often been found in association with other animals, such as baboons, and often show evidence of bashed-in skulls. Tools in the form of clubs, knives, and choppers have been found in association, as well as evidence of fire.

It might be attractive to assume that the Australopithecines had been the hunters and butchers except that some of their skulls were broken in as well.

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Elephant Man

Were they then the hunters or the hunted? An American journalist met up with Dart who convinced him that the Australopithecines were actually hunting one another. The journalist, Robert Ardrey wrote a book, African Genesis, which popularized the view of the "killer ape.

Not bad for a primitive man who is still not yet walking completely upright and has a head the size of a chimp less than cc max. Although modern scientists do generally accept that Australopithecines had a generally upright gait and human-like posture, this notion has not gone uncontested.

Rather, Zuckerman suggested that they be classified as apes, not hominids Evolution as a Process, It is the ape - so much so that only detailed and close scrutiny can reveal any differences between them".

As for the notion of "bipedal posture", Zuckerman said: These suggest that the common view, that these fossils are similar to modern man, may be incorrect. Neither of these investigators, who have spent much of their professional careers studying the Australopithecines, believed that Australopithecines walked upright or that they were generally bipedal.

Some have suggested that both Australopithecus africanus and robustus were simply an evolutionary dead end - not ancestral to man. However, many evolutionists, such as those that frequent Talk.The Elephant Man Movie Review Summary. Actors: John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins, Anne Bancroft, Sir John Gielgud.

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Elephant Man; Dr Frederick Treeves, a surgeon in the late 19th centruy London, rescues a hideously deformed young man called John Merrick from an abusive sideshow entrepeneur. Merrick is first taken. The latest UK and World news, from Mirror Online.

Find the best stories, opinion, pictures and video on the day's events. The Elephant Man: A Critical Analysis Essay Sample From the creative point of view of an audience, indeed Bernard Pomerance has succeeded in bringing out the true beauty of the imagery in the book The Elephant Man (Pomerance, ).

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We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. The Elephant Man works in the theater because of the adroit, sensitive ways in which the dramatist theatricalizes his material. The play is structured in twenty-one brief, well-paced scenes.

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