Analysis of the case nivea for men developing a marketing plan

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Analysis of the case nivea for men developing a marketing plan

Nivea is actually a Global brand for skin as well as body care products owned by a German firm named Beiersdorf. The Nivea cream also was first brought and introduced in the year and had more than some 14 different types of goods ranging from the one related to sun care till the one about facial moisturizers, and deodorant as well as shower products like shower gel and others.

In the year Nivea also launched a product named NIVEA FOR MEN globally, and at this point it was extra popular among male because it did not include alcohol, which generally was thought to be irritating to the skin after men shaved. Its story started when the a pharmacist who was Hamburg-based named as Dr.

Oskar Troplowitz combined water as well as oil into some stable cream which was later was achieved through using an emulsifier named as Eucerit. In same year, the same pharmacist introduced name as Nivea from Latin word niveus-that actually means snow-white.

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As the product was made only for men and there was no other product in the market Nivea enjoyed the privilege of first mover Berkowitz and Berkowitz, Just after decades of the research carried there was another study done by Dr.

Isaac Lifschutz and then he discovered such revolutionary emulsifier that meant to be a product which was by then available and which could get mixed with a lively substance, fat as well as water and would give out a very stable base intended for the ointment use.

The extremely creative person Dr. The brand Nivea had very brief slump within popularity in year s as well as it underwent a very massive-launch. Overall, Nivea brand presently holds some number one posts all across its approximately 54 nation market. Discussion Describe plus evaluate usefulness of the two pieces of information and data that the firm NIVEA used while preparing the marketing plan for re-launch of Nivea For Men The NIVEA at that time brand was amongst the list of most recognized and well-known skin care as well as beauty products brands in world; it also was first to get introduced in the year There even were many of the reputed product and brands or bases utilized to market otherwise advertised such brand but owner seemed too look disappointed towards market otherwise advertisement of such brand Bertelsen, There even were used and old market plans towards making this brand extra attractive as well as responsible for customers.

Also several different strategies in fact were used towards preparation of marketing plan for the firm NIVEA. In fact in some other words it can also be said that these two were the strategies that the firm used towards re-launching NIVEA and targeting the male segment.

NEVIA easily and without any hurdle re-launched its product through the two strategies otherwise plans or even the two pieces of information.

Through re-launching the Quality the firm was also on the safer side and there even was no actual effect upon the quality. But then NEVIA took a step and continuously it made its quality extra perfect because it always wanted its user to be extensively satisfied and happy.

This focus upon the product development mixed along with emphasis upon consumer requirements and needs was the key differentiator of NIVEA. Because they liked while using such product by the females, males must also have a brand loyalty along with NEVIA.

Thus the firm took steps towards developing quality of product. The firm also identified many strength, and weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats so that they would easily be prepared for the circumstances and thereby the problems would never last longer with the firm.

The firm through past analysis was able to see the future and thereby got prepared for whatever was going to happen.Marketing Strategy 2 Learning Objectives Learning Objectives After reading this chapter, you should be able to: • Marketing plan • Financial plan • Personnel plan • Operational plan • Marketing plan The situational assessment is an analysis of the or ganization’s environment and of the.

case - gmt nivea marketing case studies pdf - developing a marketing plan a nivea case study. below is a list of business case studies case studies organised alphabetically by company.

to view more companies di, 09 okt gmt marketing strategies - developing a marketinghow. Use of PEST analysis at UNISON This case study focuses on the issues faced by migrant workers in the UK. 3. Developing a marketing plan This case study examines how NIVEA re-launched the NIVEA FOR MEN range in Importance Of Marketing Mix And The Marketing Strategy - Learning outcome 2a assess the importance of components of the marketing mix to the industry The marketing mix is a tool which is used by the organisations to develop and implement efficient and effective marketing strategies in .

Branding its individual brands separately is the biggest challenge Colgate is facing, the marketing attempts should be more focused to strengthening the Individual brands, being distributed by Colgate Palmolive, like in the case of P&G, Unilever and Reckitt. Case Study - Nivea Marketing Plan.

NIVEA Case Study. Nivea Presentation Brand Equity. nivea. Nivea Product Analysis. • The NIVEA FOR MEN range provides straightforward practical solutions to men's skincare needs. • Nivea Product Analysis. Uploaded by. Quan Bao Nguyen.

Analysis of the case nivea for men developing a marketing plan

NIvea case. Uploaded by. Chitransh Kumar Saxena.

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