Consolidated products a case analysis

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Consolidated products a case analysis

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A premier membership is required to view the full essay. View Full Essay Discussion Questions 1. Design an inventory control system for this business. Describe how the system you have designed will help the company meet customer-service and cost objectives. Consolidated Electric is a wholesale distributor of electrical products primarily to electrical contractors.

The company wants to design a system for inventory management of the 20, line-items carried in stock. A description is given in the case of the business environment and the current inventory control system in use.

The purpose of this case is to expose students to many of the issues encountered in inventory system design. The case also asks the student to describe how the system they design will help improve inventory management in the company.

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Analysis One issue that needs to be considered during inventory system design is whether the system will utilize periodic or continuous review.

Periodic review should be used in order to take advantage of purchase discounts and shipping economies. Since most product lines are reviewed on a weekly basis, this practice should be continued for control and shipping purposes, unless a bi-weekly cycle becomes an obvious choice. Items should be consolidated by line for ordering purposes.

Consolidated products a case analysis

Thus, an entire line must be reviewed before ordering decisions are made. The case indicates there are about different lines to consider on a weekly basis.


An inventory control system is shown in Exhibit 1. The forecasting model receives actual demand and produces a forecast for each item on a weekly basis. The forecast should extend through the ordering lead time for each item. The order module accepts the forecast along with management inputs for service level and costs.

As a result, orders are calculated for each line and aggregate control information is fed back to management prior to order placement. Orders are then placed, shipments occur from the vendor, and disbursements are made to customers. Before designing the forecasting module we should examine the data in Appendix 1 of the case.

A frequency distribution of the individual customer demands for seven months is shown in Exhibit 2. The distribution indicates there are two types of customers, those who order a small number of units and those who place very large orders.The consolidated Life case study Main problem The main problem in this case is the conflict between two different cultures underlined by two divergent management styles.

INMGT / Organizational Leadership Assignment 3 Leadership Development Case Study: Consolidated Products (p. text) Assignment Instructions and Requirements 1.

Read the case study found in the textbook on the pages identified in the title above. 2. You are encourage to discuss the case with other members of the class, . Oct 07,  · With this in mind, the main goal of this work will be to analyze effective leadership behavior, after reviewing two specific case studies called “Air Force Supply Squadron” and “Consolidated Products.”This analysis will also be based on the effective leadership behaviors that were exhibited by Colonel Navak in the first case, .

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