Discuss the importance of socialisation

History of sociology Notions of society and the state of nature have existed for centuries.

Discuss the importance of socialisation

All of these societies shared in common the fact that they were relatively homogeneous culturally. Two general conclusions emerged from this study. First, socialization practices varied markedly from society to society. Second, the socialization practices were generally similar among people of the same society.

This is not surprising since people from the same culture and community are likely to share core values and perceptions.


In addition, we generally socialize our children in much the same way that our parents socialized us. The Whitings and their fellow researchers found that different methods were used to control children in these six societies.

For instance, the Gusii primarily used fear and physical punishment. In contrast, the people of Taira used parental praise and the threat of withholding praise. The Tarong mainly relied on teasing and scaring. Perhaps, you are now asking yourself what methods you would use to control the behavior of your children.

Discuss the importance of socialisation

Would you spank them or threaten to do so? Would you only use praise? Would you belittle or tease them for not behaving?

The Importance of Socialization for Kids - Children's Campus Researchers have separated these factors into three broad categories: New employee behaviors refer to the specific actions carried out by newcomers as they take an active role in the socialization process.

Would you try to make your children independent and self-reliant or would you discourage it in favor of continuing dependence? At some time in our lives, most of us will be involved in raising children. Will you do it in the same way that you were raised?

Very likely you will because you were socialized that way. Abusive parents were, in most cases, abused by their parents. Likewise, gentle, indulgent parents were raised that way themselves. Is there a right or wrong way to socialize children? To a certain extent the answer depends on the frame of reference.

What is right in one culture may be wrong in another. Even seemingly insignificant actions of parents can have major impacts on the socialization of their children.

For instance, what would you do if your baby cried continuously but was not ill, hungry, or in need of a diaper change? Would you hold your baby, rock back and forth, walk around, or sing gently until the crying stopped, even if it took hours. The answer that you give very likely depends on your culture.

The traditional Navajo Indian response usually was to remove the baby from social contact until the crying stopped. Then the baby would be brought indoors again to join the family. Perhaps as a result, Navajo babies raised in this way are usually very quiet.

Discuss the importance of socialisation

They learn early that making noise causes them to be removed from social contact. In most North American families today, we would hold our baby in this situation until the crying stopped. The lesson that we inadvertently may be giving is that crying results in social contact.

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ADVERTISEMENTS: The Importance of Socialization in Society! The human infant comes into the world as biological organism with animal needs. ADVERTISEMENTS: He is gradually moulded into a social being and he learns social ways of acting and feeling. Without this process of moulding, the society could not continue itself, nor could .

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This article provides information about the meaning, features, types, stages and importance of socialisation! Every society is faced with the necessity of making a responsible member out of each child born into it.

The Importance of Socialization. Socialization is the process of learning how to become part of a culture. Through socialization one learns the culture's language, their role in life, and what is expected from them. Socialization is .

Socialisation: The Meaning, Features, Types, Stages and Importance