Early american environmental writing assignment

Way that you found out about the source Whether or not you looked at it Additional notes Many people like to use 3x5 cards to keep track of this stuff, but you can also write it on a pad of paper or enter it into a database on your computer. Keep all of your notes, as you will need to hand them in with your assignment.

Early american environmental writing assignment

There are also many other resources in print and on the web that provide examples of interesting, discipline-specific assignment ideas.

Consider your learning objectives. What do you want students to learn in your course? What could they do that would show you that they have learned it? To determine assignments that truly serve your course objectives, it is useful to write out your objectives in this form: Use active, measurable verbs as you complete that sentence e.

Design assignments that are interesting and challenging. This is the fun side of assignment design. Think beyond the conventional assignment type!

Sorry! Something went wrong! So I consulted some expert sources, along with my own bookshelves, and drew up the list below, cutting it off at 25 for no good reason other than that seemed enough and was certainly possible. The shortest set of recommendations came from Peter Dykstra, the longtime CNN correspondent and producer who now publishes Environmental Health News and listed his top five for the Mother Nature Network.
Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation Consider the following general suggestions for planning and creating writing assignments that work well:
Project MUSE - Projecting Early American Environmental Writing Seminar on Environmental Issues SS An interdisciplinary course exploring the complex relationships between humans and ecosystems.
Early Childhood Science, Technology & Environment | Article Writing Way that you found out about the source Whether or not you looked at it Additional notes Many people like to use 3x5 cards to keep track of this stuff, but you can also write it on a pad of paper or enter it into a database on your computer. You should also make a list of things that you checked that didn't work out.

For example, one American historian requires students to write diary entries for a hypothetical Nebraska farmwoman in the s. After creating your assignments, go back to your learning objectives and make sure there is still a good match between what you want students to learn and what you are asking them to do.

early american environmental writing assignment

If you find a mismatch, you will need to adjust either the assignments or the learning objectives. For instance, if your goal is for students to be able to analyze and evaluate texts, but your assignments only ask them to summarize texts, you would need to add an analytical and evaluative dimension to some assignments or rethink your learning objectives.

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Students can be misled by assignments that are named inappropriately. Thus, it is important to ensure that the titles of your assignments communicate their intention accurately to students.

Think about how to order your assignments so that they build skills in a logical sequence. Ideally, assignments that require the most synthesis of skills and knowledge should come later in the semester, preceded by smaller assignments that build these skills incrementally. Consider your intended assignments in relation to the academic calendar and decide how they can be reasonably spaced throughout the semester, taking into account holidays and key campus events.

Consider how long it will take students to complete all parts of the assignment e. Is the workload you have in mind reasonable for your students? Is the grading burden manageable for you?

Lesson Plans: Early American English Lit Writing Assignment (Senior, Literature)

Sometimes there are ways to reduce workload whether for you or for students without compromising learning objectives. For example, if a primary objective in assigning a project is for students to identify an interesting engineering problem and do some preliminary research on it, it might be reasonable to require students to submit a project proposal and annotated bibliography rather than a fully developed report.

If your learning objectives are clear, you will see where corners can be cut without sacrificing educational quality. Articulate the task description clearly. If an assignment is vague, students may interpret it any number of ways — and not necessarily how you intended.

Thus, it is critical to clearly and unambiguously identify the task students are to do e. It can be helpful to differentiate the central task what students are supposed to produce from other advice and information you provide in your assignment description.

A Checklist for Designing Assignments

Establish clear performance criteria. To do so, think about the best student work you have seen on similar tasks and try to identify the specific characteristics that made it excellent, such as clarity of thought, originality, logical organization, or use of a wide range of sources.

Then identify the characteristics of the worst student work you have seen, such as shaky evidence, weak organizational structure, or lack of focus. Identifying these characteristics can help you consciously articulate the criteria you already apply.

It is important to communicate these criteria to students, whether in your assignment description or as a separate rubric or scoring guide. Clearly articulated performance criteria can prevent unnecessary confusion about your expectations while also setting a high standard for students to meet.

Specify the intended audience. Students make assumptions about the audience they are addressing in papers and presentations, which influences how they pitch their message. For example, students may assume that, since the instructor is their primary audience, they do not need to define discipline-specific terms or concepts.These developments transformed the category of “nature” into “environment” while interrogating the subject/object dualism built into “environment” (that which environs).

The resulting paradigm offers three models for projecting the concerns of early American environmental writing into later periods. Writing assignments may include essays on natural history, journal entries, environmental advocacy pieces, eco-fiction, and others consistent with the focus of the course.

Cross-listed: English /Environmental Studies Early American English Lit Writing Assignment Literature, level: Senior Concepts Taught: Writing fiction, imitating Early American style After reading Early American literature, my students noticed that the Puritans only wrote about their experiences after getting on.

Philippon, DJ , ' Is Early American Environmental Writing Sustainable? A Response to Timothy Sweet ' Early American Literature, vol.

45, pp. Philippon DJ. D R A F T 8 July Course Outline EST HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT. David A. Sonnenfeld, Ph.D., Instructor. TBA, Teaching Assistant. Dept. of Environmental Studies.

25 classics of environmental writing to help with your summer reading list. This founding text of American nature and environmental writing is .

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