Essays on coersion

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Essays on coersion

It seems as though somehow, somewhere, someone decided that the two terms defined above are in some way related. However, in the manner of logic which I possess, they are not. The debate now is rape, and what constitutes that once horridly thought of crime.

In the opinion of some, Essays on coersion is no longer just a physical act of violence that accompanies uninvited sex. Rape, as defined by some, can occur even when the two parties involved agree verbally or otherwise to have sex.

This to me, seems absurd. In the most basic terms, and with the simplest definitions, no means no, and okay, yeah, yes and please, all mean yes. The term "NO" is not very complicated, and is probably the word that was repeated to us the most as children, so we should all get that one right.

But still, how can yes mean no? Apparently through a term known as "verbal coersion," which allows a large grey area to form between these simple answers to sometimes complicated questions.

In an article by David R. Although coersion can be exercised through many different approaches, I contend that the entire idea that verbal coersion can constitute rape is inadequate on one main principle. In order to coerce someone, that someone must allow the coercing to occur.

If a man who is trying to gain sexual favors from a woman attempts to seduce her through flattery, promises and so on, doesn't end up getting what he wants, no coersion has taken place. His attempt has failed.

Ethical and Policy Issues in Research Involving Human Participants - Summary

This is true only because the woman hasn't allowed herself to succumb to his charms. But if this is all that occurred, in no sense of the word has he attempted to "rape" her.

If a man has a girlfriend or wife who is not in the mood for sex, and the man threatens to go find sex elsewhere or threatens to leave her, this is, in a way, coersion. This is not just a simple coercive statement though.

Essays on coersion

It is coersion through blackmail, and is unkind and immoral, but again, it is not an attempted rape. Nor is it illegal. I think that Camille Paglia is probably a good example of a person who would not allow herself to be coerced.

In her essay "It's a Jungle Out There" she exhibits a massive general mistrust of the male gender as an entire group. She argues that "Hunt, pursuit, and capture are biologically programmed into male sexuality ; par.

I truly doubt that this woman, or her younger counterparts who share this attitude, would willingly follow an intoxicated member of a fraternity up to his room, an expect nothing would happen.1.

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Essays on coersion

This research paper concentrates on the occurrence of rape or sexual coercion among married couples, and the effects of such maltreatment on the psychological well-being of the abused wives.

Legitimacy emerges when those under the authority believe or are shown that it is beneficial or rational to obey the authority, and we can tell if they have this belief by their approval of the state. Plato’s objection However, there is an old but important challenge to this line of thought, from Plato.

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