How to write an interview article for a newspaper

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How to write an interview article for a newspaper

In a letter to the editor or opinion piece, you can bring up information not addressed in a news article, and can create the impression of widespread support or opposition to an issue.

When you write a letter to the editor, be sure to do the following. Adhere to word count requirements. This information can usually be found, online and in print, on the same page as the letters that are published.

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Generally, as few as words are the maximum. Open with a strong statement, and be sure to place the most important information at the beginning.

Often, letters and pieces are edited to fit the space available in that issue of the newspaper -- most often they are cut from the bottom up, so placing the important information anywhere but at the top could result in its being omitted.

Use a personal story or illustration to make your point in plain language. If at all possible, tie your letter to a recent piece of news, editorial, or a prior letter to the editor, and, if you do so, reference the title and date of the article in your letter.

If you are referring to a newspaper article, send your letter as soon as possible after an article has been published in the paper. Use email to submit your letter. Editors like email because they will not have to re-key your letter for print.

Send your letter or opinion piece to weekly and community newspapers as well. In your signature line include your name, daytime and evening telephone numbers, email address, and mailing address so the paper can verify that you wrote the letter.

Some editors may write or call to confirm your information. Only your name and city will be published. If your letter or opinion piece does run in the newspaper, please send us a link to the letter: Document and Site Resources.Write your article in a clear, understandable and plain language.

(Using a pompous language, using obscure words and making long sentences are not the features of a good article.) Learn to Write News Stories Step-by-Step Instructions for Writing a News Story.

Share Flipboard Email Learn that format and you'll be able to write news stories, whether you're a naturally talented writer or not. 6 Tips for Writing a Newspaper Article. How to Edit News Stories Quickly. Writing Effective Leads (Ledes): Tips and Types.

Aug 22,  · How to Write a Newspaper Article Five Parts: Sample Articles Conducting Interviews and Research Structuring the Article Creating the Appropriate Voice and Tone Polishing the Article Community Q&A A newspaper article should provide an objective, factual account of an event, person, or place%(12).

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Learn how to write a newspaper article from the headline to the final sentence. Learn how to write a newspaper article from the headline to the final sentence. How to Write an Effective News Article. Search the site GO. For Students & Parents.

how to write an interview article for a newspaper

Homework Help An interview can be as formal or informal as you want to make it, so relax and. Once you have written your nut graph, draft the rest of your article with details from your interview and a few quotes from the subject.

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Make sure the quote adds color or interest to the article; everything else, you can paraphrase. In this learning activity students plan, develop, and publish a news article. The five step process includes writing models, tips for organizing your writing in paragraphs, and multimedia interviews with journalists.

How to Cite Lead[ edit ] The lead sometimes spelled lede sentence captures the attention of the reader and sums up the focus of the story.
how to write a newspaper like article~? | Yahoo Answers March 5, by April Klazema When writing an interview into a news story, or any other type of article, it is important to make sure you have a great title that makes readers want to read your piece. For those that want to be news writers or even freelance writersknowing how to write an interview is a crucial skill.
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A forum for publishing finished articles is included.

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