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Lego group swot

Weaknesses Price- Lego offers quality products; because of this prices can be high in comparison to competitors in the same market. Although the price difference is only slightly different here, in underdeveloped markets, LEGO could face difficulties with competition acquiring some of their potential customers.

Lack of options- Although LEGO is well diversified in the types of products it provides, it is still limited to the bricks that made them famous.

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With no traditional Lego construction elements, it proved to be unfamiliar to Lego fans who expect a certain kind of play experience from the Lego brand.

This means that competitors such as Mega Bloks can produce products that are near identical, increasing the level of competition in the industry Trautman, Opportunities Licensing Agreements- with an already impressive list of licenses to its name, such as Star Wars, Minecraft, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, LEGO can use its branding to acquire even more popular licenses to bring in children with multiple different interests.

Because of the popularity of the film, LEGO can look to make sequels and other films to appeal to the tastes of it large customer base.

Expansion- with manufacturing facility expansion projects set in Mexico, Hungary, and Denmark, LEGO will look to provide more of its iconic toys to children across the world. In addition LEGO is currently trying to transition to more environmentally friendly production methods, which is beneficial to PR efforts and brand image lego.

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Video Games- now that children are more technologically savvy, other forms of entertainment will be hard to compete with. For example the wildly successful video game Minecraft provides a similar block building experience in a virtual realm.

A blog on cayenneapps. Going green- even though being environmentally friendly is morally the right choice, and is good for public relations, often times the switch from one form of production to the other can be costly. Retrieved April 10,from http:Lego A/S (The Lego Group) is a Danish company, best known for the production of Lego-brand toys which consist of interlocking plastic bricks.

Established in , the company is headquartered in Billund, Denmark and has more than 19, employees as of A list of the top Unusual University degrees in the UK.

Lego group swot

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Strenght: 1. LEGO Group in terms of sales is the world’s sixth-largest toy manufacturer[1]. 2.

Lego group swot

The Lego Group company today provides toys, experiences and teaching materials for children in more than countries; 3.

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