Logistics in vietnam

Damco recently established a consolidation hub at Cai Mep in southern Vietnam.

Logistics in vietnam

This report presents a board range of topics, both sector-specific and crosscutting market issues. The purpose of research work is to have an in-depth understanding of logistics market in Vietnam and assessing its potential.

The research provides latest information on market size as well as competition landscaping of Vietnam logistics market. Below are some highlighted findings in our third issue: The rate in China is Foreign-invested players are dominating the market with experience and professional management.

Fierce competition from foreign enterprises: Notably, key local players such as Gemadept, Transimex, Vinatrans, etc. Road transport remained the backbone of Vietnamese freight transport. Despite its dominating position in the total transported freight volume, road transportation did not fully reach its potential and serve the growing demand of cargo transportation due to the underdeveloped road network.


Inconsistencies across the transport network in terms of extent and quality are one of the most problematic factors for firms doing business in Vietnam. Contract logistics — a rising trend in Vietnam logistics industry. Among selected 3PLs for contract logistics services, warehousing and distribution are core competencies.

Thus, to enter 3PL model, domestic firms have the tendency to invest in the the logistics infrastructure, especially warehouses or logistics distribution centres. The robust growth of e-commerce market urged the development of express services. The on-going expansion of the marketplaces will help Vietnam to form an ecosystem for the e-commerce sector, including time-sensitive delivery.

In overall, logistics companies in Vietnam perform quite well during the surveyed period. From tonet profit margin of logistics sector improved significantly by double-digit growth thanks to the lower costs of logistics companies as well as the prosperity of some highlighted sectors.In addition, logistics infrastructure is inadequate, and there are many legal barriers hindering the development of logistics in Vietnam.

Leading international logistics companies are expected to expand their presence in Vietnam through direct investment and joint ventures. The Vietnam freight & logistics market was valued at USD XX billion in and is expected to reach a market value of USD billion by , registering a CAGR of % during the forecast period ( – ).Vietnam is expected to witness substantial growth in trade, in the near future.

The logistics industry in one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, but lack of a. We are certain that you, too, find our reliability and experience of great value in your request, for smooth and trouble-free transport.


Not only offering complete range of international transport but also we aim and challenge for the creation and innovation of advanced new system with multi vision in 21 century.

By mid, United States Army, Vietnam (USARV), 1st Logistical Command, and many other Army units dispersed in Saigon were moved to Long Binh Post to resolve centralization, security, and troop billeting issues. Long Binh Post was a sprawling logistics facility and the largest U.S.

Army base in Vietnam with over 50, women and men.

Logistics in vietnam

CJ Logistics has been in Vietnam since , covering different kinds of logistics including Sea FF, Air FF, W/L. The company is the first in Vietnam receiving the level 1 certificate from the Transported Asset Protection Association, which demonstrates to customers a first-class logistic services.

Cross Border Logistics Between Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia – Thailand – Myanmar – China. We transport the cargo direct to Lao and Cambodia so that we not only assure cargo safety but save time and costs for our customers as well.

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