Open office business presentation templates

The visual aid of a PowerPoint Presentation is only as good as how much it empowers the presenter message.

Open office business presentation templates

Office Open XML does not use mixed content but uses elements to put a series of text runs element name r into paragraphs element name p. The result is terse[ citation needed ] and highly nested in contrast to HTMLfor example, which is fairly flat, designed for humans to write in text editors and is more congenial for humans to read.

The naming of elements and attributes within the text has attracted some criticism.

open office business presentation templates

There are three different syntaxes in OOXML ECMA for specifying the color and alignment of text depending on whether the document is a text, spreadsheet, or presentation. He contrasts with OpenDocument: It avoids the re-use of relevant existing international standards e.

The need and appropriateness of such length has been questioned. This vocabulary is defined in clause 11 of Part 1. This vocabulary is described in clause 12 of Part 1.

The representation of date and time values in SpreadsheetML has attracted some criticism. It requires that implementations replicate a Lotus [12] bug that erroneously treats as a leap year.

Products complying with ECMA would be required to use the WEEKDAY spreadsheet function, and therefore assign incorrect dates to some days of the week, and also miscalculate the number of days between certain dates.

Its major features are the graphics rendering of text elements, graphical vector-based shape elements, graphical tables and charts.

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DrawingML contains graphics effects like shadows and reflection that can be used on the different graphical elements that are used in DrawingML. In DrawingML you can also create 3d effects, for instance to show the different graphical elements through a flexible camera viewpoint.

This is a different approach to that of the OpenDocument format, which uses a subset of SVG, and includes vector graphics as separate files. It is so called because it allows an exact common representation of dimensions originally in either English or Metric units.

This unit was chosen so that integers can be used to accurately represent most dimensions encountered in a document. Floating point cannot accurately represent a fraction that is not a sum of powers of two and the error is magnified when the fractions are added together many times, resulting in misalignment.

As an inch is exactly 2. To accurately represent the point unit, a divisor of 72 is needed, which also allows divisions by 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 36 to be accurate.

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Modern workplace training. Office and Windows 10 bring cool, new tools to work smarter and more securely on any device. See how to work with 3D models, find things fast with Timeline, share docs, and even ask Cortana for help. The Office Open XML file formats are a set of file formats that can be used to represent electronic office documents.

open office business presentation templates

There are formats for word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations as well as specific formats for material such as mathematical formulae, graphics, bibliographies etc..

The formats were developed by Microsoft and first appeared in Microsoft Office

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