Public transport pros and cons essay

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Public transport pros and cons essay

Many people choose public transport because they want to make a contribution to protect the environment. However, there are certainly some benefits as well as drawbacks to this tendency and this essay aims to highlight both.

One of main advantages of public transport is to better the environment. When people use public transort more and more, they will stop going by car. Hence, the congestion will decrease.

Public transport pros and cons essay

In addition, the exhaust fumes from car will become less. The petrol consumption will also fall. Therefore, all of results of stopping using private cars will lead to protecting the environment.

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Secondly, using public transport will save the money and resources of both individuals and society. Going by public transport often cost less than other private vehicles because it is subsidized by the government. Also, it is more efficient when comparing the cost per person for travelling.

As I represented above, the petrol consumption and carbon emissions will decrease when public transportation is used, so the total cost to society will decrease Thirdly, public transportation will bring more jobs and more social interactions between people.

When travelling by public transportation there are chances to talk and to interact with the people around us.

Besides, public transportation creates a lot of jobs, hence, it will aid the development of the economy.

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Having looked at both sides, slowness is a major problem. Many are is often behind the timetable, which bring about the loss of passengers. For example, I went by bus to a recruiting company for an interview. However, the bus did not run on the schedule so I was late when I went to the company, then the company refuse to recruit me.

Another disadvantage is that public transport such as buses, trains are very crowded. Sometimes, there is not enough space for passengers to have a seat. The vehicle are also used for a long time, therefore, they can be very out of date and dirty.

All of these factors make the passenger feel very inconvinienced. To sum up, going by public transport has both positives and negatives. While people could save money and protect the environment by using public transportation, they have to endure the inconvinience and slowness.

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Car transport essay year. A recent essay question reported on Jan Some people think that the use of mobiles (cell) phones should be banned in public places such a in libraries and shop and on public transport.

The Pros and Cons of Public Transportation Not all of us can afford the luxury of taxis and other private transportation means, so we resort to riding a public transportation. If you’re a student, using public transportation like trains and buses is a practical way .

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Below is an essay on "Public Transport" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Both two way of transportation has their pros and cons. These properties need to be examined in detail to be able to evaluate the most appropriate means of transportation. Nov 21,  · Smoking in public places pros and cons essay esl smith dissertation abstract master slave morality essay min fremtid essays essays moral and spiritual values in the public school, essay about rural livelihood in tanzania essay stjernen ol essayeur fondeur meaningful use summary essay college level angel maria paredes. Today, the hugh advantage is price: public transport is highly cost effective for users. The inconvenience lies in less comfort and flexibility compared to individual transport, i.e walks to the stations, dependence on fixed departure times, and limited privacy.

Personal cell phones have come a long way since their introduction in the late s. What was once a simple communication device has evolved into a miniature computer, combining a video game system, camera and phone into one convenient, pocket-sized piece of technology.

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Public transport pros and cons essay

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Hello, could somebody give some hints regarding my essay? The question was: what are the pros and cons of using public transport? Nowadays, there are some great concerns about public transport.

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