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The south can be split into two: During the rest of the year, dry and sunny weather is the order of the day. Weather overview Known throughout the world for its welcoming people, spicy cuisine and outstanding beaches, Thailand offers the complete holiday package. The weather's not bad either, with much of the country experiencing a typically tropical climate consisting of two seasons:

Thailand overview

Condo sale purchase agreement resale 3 Buying apartments not registered under the Condominium Act by foreigners There are two types of residential apartment buildings in Thailand - condominiums registered and licensed with the Land Department offering outright ownership over the individual units, and apartment buildings NOT licensed as a condominium and therefore not offering individual ownership over the units.

On the outside these buildings could look the same but legally they cannot be compared. Condominiums registered and licensed with the Land Department must comply with the legal structure as laid down in the Condominium Act which is built around individual unit ownership, joint ownership of the common areas and joint management of the building by all the unit owners.

Unregistered apartment structures are not regulated by specific condominium laws and the developer of an apartment building can sell possession not ownership of the units in the building under his own terms and conditions. There are various contract structures under which these units are sold which vary from time-sharing schemes, mere apartment leases to leases combined with shares in a holding company.

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Beware, these apartment projects do not offer individual freehold ownership of the units and the purchasers do not find protection in the law as with registered condominiums.

The contract structures and intention of the developer should be triple checked e. See also Tourist apartments versus licensed condo 4 Rental, hire or lease in Thailand 4.

One of the drawbacks of hire of property laws in Thailand is that a lease agreement is a personal contract right of the lessee and therefore automatically terminated upon his death.

Thai law does not give the lessee's heirs an automatic right to inherit the leased property, and for the same reason the lessee is not allowed to sublease the property or assign 'sell' the remaining term of the lease without permission of the owner.

A lease agreement is not terminated upon death of the owner section but death of the owner does terminate all options in the lease agreement which are personal to the owner e.

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Death of the lessee could lead to a permanent ending of the lease and death of the owner or transfer of ownership could lead to the lessee ending up with a contract that is only partly enforceable by legal action against the new owner as a third party to the contract.

Some real estate leasehold sale contracts aimed at foreigners suggest longer terms and more rights than are possible and enforceable under Thai hire of property laws. These contracts between the seller and the leasehold buyer can be complex and must at least separate ownership of the house from the land and often include additional year lease terms and the option in the contract or addendum to the contract to transfer the land to a freehold title.

Legally this remains a contract structure between 2 or more parties only not registered on the land property title and as a contract only binding between the parties. These contract structures are not protected by Thai law and could be considered void and illegal because foreigners are prohibited from owning land and leases cannot exceed 30 years.

Note that under new land office regulations the land offices must refuse registration of a lease agreement with obvious void or illegal provisions such as a foreigner's right to transfer land to freehold title and pre-paid year renewal terms.

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For this reason these provisions are now often made in a separate addendum to the lease a part of the lease arrangement not registered with the land officedespite the fact the Land Department considers these sale methods void or illegal.

Selling property in the same development leasehold to foreigners does not have to comply with the same laws protecting consumers and the developer can based on general freedom of contract include various for him beneficial clauses and even misleading clauses in the lease agreement to generate sales, such as lease renewal terms suggesting a year lease term.Petroleum Geology of the Gulf of Thailand.


Thailand overview

The Gulf of Thailand contains several structurally complex trans-tensional basins. These are made up of asymmetrical grabens filled with non-marine to marginal marine Tertiary sediments as old as Eocene.

Economic Overview. In its December Monetary Policy Report, Thai economy was projected to expand further, recording percent in and Thai real property law legal knowledge, buying real estate in Thailand, foreign land laws and condominium apartment ownership law, lease law, house and land rights, usufruct, superficies, land titles.

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