The painted veil stylan

One, don't stay silent when someone says something sexist or racist in his vicinity. Two, always sneak an extra serving of key lime pie if possible; he knows he won't see it again soon after. Three, never give Kareem full control during training.

The painted veil stylan

Chapter 5 Chapter Text The room is burning, the flames crackling as Louis passes by. The glass in the windows has been blown out, smoldering heaps of fabric litter the floor; carpet untouched by the destruction. As Louis shuffles through the room, barefoot and numb, his skin beginning to crawl, he hears the faint whisper of a voice.

Heart racing, head pounding, Louis tries to fall from the trail, to step on the clean carpet and towards the flame. Anywhere to get away from the red. But as he moves, the room begins to dim, his sight becoming hazy. It leads him to a room where the flames are gone, everything seeming untouched by the world.

Dust lingers in the air, the windows open, a cold breeze lapping at his skin. The room starts to shrink, the walls closing in.

The painted veil stylan

The only light is that of the moon seeping through the windows, the white curtains blowing restlessly with the wind. Louis has his eyes trained on the far wall where photographs of faceless people decorate the floral wallpaper, acting as accents to the room.

Blue petals are scattered across the ground, the carpet no longer under him. He can hear footsteps, faint and distorted, sounding like horse hooves on the forest floor.

The painted veil stylan

It takes on a higher pitch, drawing out the vowels in its speech. His blood runs cold as his heart swells, his eyes beginning to burn.

He whimpers when she speaks again, her voice sounding as sweet and gentle as he remembers it to be. Reaching a hand out, tears filling his eyes, Louis brushes his fingers against the collar of her dress, feeling the weightless fabric beneath his touch.

He looks to his left, then to his right, finding nothing but darkness and trees, their leaves illuminated by the moonlight. His hands start to shake, his stomach twisting and turning, making him feel the urge to puke.

When he looks to where she stood—hoping to see the dirt upturned, telling him that she had really been there—he sees a gravestone instead. Louis stumbles back, the air knocked right out of him. Rattled and shaken and feeling sick, Louis crawls out of bed, his head spinning.

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Today marks Galliano’s couture debut for Margiela. In anticipation, we look back at their archives and trace the overlooked visual parallels between their two w.

Sore Winner

Under The Wolf Moon zmalikd. Chapter 5. Chapter Text. The room is burning, the flames crackling as Louis passes by.

Under The Wolf Moon

He can’t feel the heat, but the smell of firewood is prominent, filling his senses and making his head swim. The glass in the windows has been blown out, smoldering heaps of fabric litter the floor; carpet untouched by the.

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