Travel broadens the mind

A 17 knot north-east breeze is my kind of breeze. Not to heavy and not too light — just perfect for dinghy racing on Sydney Harbour. When I first moved to Sydney just over 10 years ago, one of the drawcards was the opportunity to learn how to sail.

Travel broadens the mind

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Travel broadens the mind

Mind the Gap: How the Jewish Writings Between the Old and New Testament Help Us Understand Jesus [Matthias Henze] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Do you want to understand Jesus of Nazareth, his apostles, and the rise of early Christianity? Reading the Old Testament is not enough. If amazing images from around the world are not enough to encourage you to go out there and travel, some travel quotes may help..

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Take the time to read all the way to the end because, who knows, one of these travel phrases may get you on the road and/or be a . Travel broadens our minds because we can see a different way of doing things.

We tend to accept the status quo and like the way things are done because that is the only way we know. When you. TRAVEL TIPS FOR RETIREES. ON THE RETIREMENT QUOTES CAFÉ (Tips on Travel and Vacations for the Retired and Semi-Retired who want to retire early and to retire happy).

Travel Tips for Your Retirement Years. A headbutt (French coup de boule) is a targeted strike with the head, typically (when intentional) involving the use of robust parts of the headbutter's cranium as the area of impact.

The most effective headbutts strike the most sensitive areas of an opponent, such as the nose, using the stronger bones in the forehead (frontal bone) or the back of the skull (occipital or parietal bone).

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