Volksvagen and the lawbreaking behavior scandal

Recently, Volkswagen was exposed for doing just that. As more details of the scandal emerge—and VW stock plummets—you may be wondering: A Culture of Fear When top leadership lapses in integrity, fear culture can take over.

Volksvagen and the lawbreaking behavior scandal

Emissions Scandal Due To Fraudulent Software Ethics Case Controversy Analysis Controversy Over the past two years, Volkswagen has been dealing with the aftermath of an internal scandal that has deeply dented the integrity of the company.

In order to comply with U. S emissions standards, every diesel car manufacturer is required to have software installed in the car to clean the diesel exhaust. This caused the affected diesel cars to release almost 40 times the legal amount of nitrogen oxide into the air, which can wreak havoc on the environment Gates, et al.

After further testing, it was discovered that fourteen specific car makes and models were equipped with this duping software. With all said and done, Volkswagen had to recall over 11 million of their vehicles due to their faulty engine software.

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Aroundcars were recalled in the United States, while 10 million were recalled in Europe. The remainder include cars that are scattered throughout Asia, South America and Africa where the number of diesel cars is relatively small Smith and Parloff.

Since this scandal went public, Volkswagen has been taking appropriate steps and actions to correct their mistakes to the best of their ability, while coping with the damage done to their overall image. In regards to this emissions scandal, the Volkswagen's stakeholders include the following: All of these stakeholders have been affected in a multitude of different ways ranging from lost jobs, stock market changes, environmental issues and tarnished reputations.

Volkswagen lied to its consumers and the government about the quality of diesel engines that they were putting in their cars in order to make sales.

Volkswagen also disregarded their responsibilities for the global environment. For years before the scandal went public, Volkswagen was known as an environmentally friendly and sustainable company. But as shown through their deceitful actions, the company was clearly more concerned about their bottom line versus an important company objective.

Volksvagen and the lawbreaking behavior scandal

Utilitarianism Another prominent ethical theory is Utilitarianism. This theory emphasizes producing the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people. Utilitarianism falls under consequentialist ethics, which means that determining whether or not an action is considered good or bad directly relates to its consequences.

Ultimately, this ethical theory comes down to a matter of perspective in terms of what constitutes an action being beneficial or harmful DesJardins Given this, Volkswagen's actions are quite oppositional to what a Utilitarian would believe in.

Over the course of this entire scandal, absolutely no good was done whatsoever. In no way, shape or form did anyone actually benefit from Volkswagen's actions.

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Consumers are now faced with the question of what to do with their defective cars. Employees have lost their jobs due to the billions of dollars being spent on rectifying problems that should never have existed. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The only good thing that can possibly come from this scandal is actually going forward. Volkswagen's mishap could help reinforce the importance of compliance, risk management and auditing within the company.

But for now, Volkswagen has only created issues for everyone involved.The European Commission is understood to have found Volkswagen guilty of breaching the law in at least 20 countries, by fitting some of its vehicles with a software that allowed them to cheat.

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Mar 16,  · Volkswagen admitted that 11 million of its vehicles were equipped with software that was used to cheat on emissions tests. This is how the technology works and what it . Analysis of the Volkswagen Scandal Possible Solutions for Recovery The Volkswagen scandal is a notorious example of how corporations can shape the ethical and political issues of the environment.

The Volkswagen Group that is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany owns Bently, Bugatti, Lamborhini, Audi, Porsche, SEAT, and Škoda.

The year-old company’s unusual culture — confident, cutthroat and insular — has come under scrutiny as potentially enabling Volkswagen’s lawbreaking behavior.

Volksvagen and the lawbreaking behavior scandal

Signs of irregularities in Volkswagen cars were first discovered in by a nonprofit group, .

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